Drew and Leanne are passionate about helping couples succeed in their relationship. They entered into this field as a newly engaged couple and having both studied together in graduate school are passionate about working with couples. They offer a technique called Co-Therapy for those who are dating, engaged and married. This is a form of psychotherapy treatment in which two or more therapists treat one or more clients. It provides the client with a unique opportunity to find balance in their relationship with the advantage of two therapists. They are trained in pre-marriage and marriage counseling, and certified in SYMBIS and PREPARE/ENRICH relationship courses.



For some couples, it can be difficult choosing which gender to select for couples counseling and Co-Therapy can provide that balanced approach. It can be a helpful alternative and can strengthen your relationship and the therapeutic process. 

If after your first few sessions of Co-Therapy you decide that it would be better to have couples counseling with only one therapist or you feel that you would like individual counseling that is an option. Overall, they want to make this therapeutic process as effective as possible for you as you heal and grow.  

How to book a Co-Therapy Session:

Give us a call at (206) 658-5665 or email us at info@novolifecounseling.com